Contact Form

To receive emails set your email in the file /php/mailsender.php

$emailTo = "[email protected]"; // Enter your email for feedbacks here


We have used google reCaptcha in our theme. To activate reCAPTCHA please do fillowing steps:


Edit contact form html from this:

<form class="rsForm" action="php/mailsender.php" method="post">

to this:

<form class="rsForm" action="recaptcha.php" method="post" data-captcha="true">


You need to have reCAPTCHA API keys. If you do not have keys already then visit to generate them.


Edit recaptcha.php file and set the respective keys in $siteKey and $secret.

$siteKey = '6LcJex0TAAAAAHonlxP1zkpFBFM3RobWwWNuFr_n';
$secret = '6LcJex0TAAAAAKrf3IE7Tls0HyL814mxEuMKQyhs';

reCAPTCHA supported 40+ languages listed here: By default we have used english ( ‘en’ )

$lang = 'en';