Suggestion, Idea or Feedback

We highly appreciate feedback from our buyers and most features were added because of feedback from our customers. In case if you think some feature or functionality can be added and it will make your experience and our product better please feel free to contact us.

We are considering all suggestions and ideas, due to development process or other factors some ideas may be applied faster and some of them after one month or two. There are cases when idea is useful and good enough to implement it in theme or plugin however we can’t work on it due to overloading or development time which will require that feature.

Please consider that we have vision and road-map of how the themes should be developed in long term prospective and sometimes it is not possible to include in update all features.

How to send a suggestion or idea?

  1. Login with Envato or Register with email address or select Facebook or Twitter Login
  2. Click on “Submit a ticket” button from
  3. From Product or Category dropdown select “Ideas and Suggestions” category.
  4. Ticket Subject – write name of the theme and briefly topic of your suggestion: e.g. Noemi – suggestion about desktop layout
  5. Write your suggestions
    1. Describe your ideas and suggestions in details.
    2. Enumerate ideas if you have more then one suggestion.
    3. Provide links, examples and URLs for all suggestions if possible.
    4. Provide screenshots and explanation to screenshot if possible.

We will reply to all tickets with suggestions and ideas, however this can take more than 48 hours, so please be patient.