Child Theme

Child theme is for developers willing to make changes to core functions and code. If you are not planning to dig that deep, you can easily skip this chapter.

If you want to make changes in theme’s templates or functions, we recommend that you install child theme and make changes there. To learn more about the purpose and basis of creation of child theme, visit this page.

In the theme pack you will see materials for the child theme. It’s located in the “” archive. You can install the child theme the same way as you install the main theme (see above in the section “Install theme”)

A few recommendations on how to use Child Theme from certy Theme:

  1. Almost all files from the main theme can be replaced in the theme. It doesn’t concern only .php-files with templates and basic logics, but also both .js, .css files from respective folders and files with images, icons etc..
  2. If you want to change some of the theme’s functions or to add new ones, you need to create file ‘functions.php’ in the folder “certy-child”, and add all required functions into it. If our theme contains functions with such names, they will be replaced with yours, if not – your functions will complete our theme’s logics.
  3. As for other files – put out templates from the folder ‘templates-parts’ ( maintaining files hierarchy ), images from the folder ‘images’ etc. – to make changes, copy theme into the folder ‘child theme’ and make changes there.