Most of all changes for website’s front, you can do by customizer setup. We will explain what you can change from this setup

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Appearance > Themes
  2. On Theme certy, click Customize to start customizing your theme


Note: Please remember to click Save & Publish button at top left after done customizing to save the changes

NOTE: These are global settings so its effect is site-wide. These settings can be overridden in single post or page

Site Identity #

In this section you can change Site title and Tagline, Site icon (favicon)

Styling #

The section contains two block which let you manage the color schemes and background options for your website


Typography #

Here you can customize the typography and seperatly select the font family for body, headeings and logo.

For google font our Theme uses Px-lab’s settings by default, however it has request limitations. We strictly recommend to register new api key for google font and for google map. For google fonts check for guidline

Social #

Here you can manage the social icons.

Map #

Here you can put the key for google map and put the json code for map styling

for map styling visit, select the map you want and put the JSON value to “Google Map Style” field at Certy customizer

Vertical Navigation #

Here you can customize the menu which is shown near the content area.


Enable Sticky Navigation
select the checkbox if you want to make sticky this navigation

Show Vertical Navigation Background
select the checkbox if you want to show the white background

Personal Image
upload the image for the first item of this navigation

Link For Personal Image
put the link for personal image

Tooltip For Personal Image
type the text wich will be shown on image mouseover

To change the vertical menu icons you need to go to WP-adminappearancemenu and for chosen menu item in CSS classes field add icon’s name from the list of available icons:

Widgets #

Widgets are easy to manage and can be incredibly useful to have on your site.

For certy we’ve developed custom widgets to give you even more functionality:

  • Certy: Card Widget
  • Certy: Recent Posts

For detailed instruction how to edit/add/reorder widgets, click to Widgets section.

In this section you can quickly manage (edit/add/reorder) already created widgets areas.

Homepage Settings #

You can find detailed information about this section here.

404 Options #

Here you can change the 404 page options


Additional CSS #

CSS allows you to customize the appearance and layout of your site with code. Separate CSS is saved for each of your themes. In the editing area the Tab key enters a tab character. To move below this area by pressing Tab, press the Esc key followed by the Tab key.

You can find detailed information about this section here.