RScard options

You can access Rs-Card Options from the WordPress admin panel. The settings found here are applied globally and will affect all pages of the site. However, note that many of these options can be overridden locally by applying settings on individual pages or on shortcode elements.

General Settings #

This section allows you to set up general settings for your site that will affect its look and functionality.

General Settings has three sections:

Favicon – Here you can upload any media using the WordPress native uploader.This will be your website’s favicon

Sidebar Settings – These are the right side menu/the post sidebar settings

Enable Side Menu
Select the checkbox to show right side menu

Enable Sidebar For Posts
Select the checkbox to show the sidebar on post’s single pages

Author Block
Fill in appropriate fields and the author block will appear above the right side menu and above the single post’s sidebar if they are enabled.

Api Options – Here you can put the API keys for Google and Twitter. Please note that Instagram has deprecated its API on March 31, 2020. We have already updated the integration based on the new API on our side, but, according to new rules, we also need to apply for an App Review, which has been temporarily paused by Facebook due to COVID-19. Therefore, the Instagram feed will be unavailable for a certain period of time until we are able to finalize the App Review process.


For google font our Theme uses Px-lab’s settings by default, however it has request limitations. We strictly recommend to register new api key for google font and for google map.
For google fonts check for guidline
For google map check for guidline
For using our twitter shortcode you have to create new app and to put all appropriate keys to the twitter fields

Header Settings #

This section allows you to set up the header area and this is where you can upload or write your website logo

Header Settings has three sections:

Logo Settings
Here you can upload any media using the WordPress native uploader or if you want to use text logo instead of image, you can write text.The text logo will appear if image logo doesn’t uploaded. You can also use “Logo Image For Sticky Menu” uploader to upload the different logo to the sticky navigation

Here you can enable/disable the “sticky” functionality for navigation.

Header Image
Upload any media using the WordPress native uploader. The image will appear on header of your theme.

Sticky Options
Here you can select the sticky option for your site’s header.

Typography Settings #

This section allows you to set up your website typography settings. Default font-family is “Open Sans”, sans-serif.

Styling Settings #

This section allows you to set up your website’s color scheme and layout styles.

Styling Settings has two sections:

Theme Color Scheme
Here you can select the predefined color scheme for your website.If you want to set up different color scheme then predefined colors you can use “Primary Color” option.

Skin Style
Here you can select the skin of your website to be white or dark.

Social Settings #

This section allows you to set up Social links you want to appear on your website. They will appear on footer and under “Homepage” templates’s “About” section.

Social Settings has two sections:

Enable/disable Socials
Here you can enable/disable social links.

Social Links
Here you can place the link you want and social icon will appear. To remove it, just leave it blank.

Import / Export #

This section allows you to import / export your settings from file, text or URL.