Infolio Support

Before Contacting Support

  1. Read through documentation With all our themes we are providing documentation, find it in zip file or search in online documentation.
  2. Search in documentation – Try to find answer to your question in our documentation. Use different keywords and tags and you will be awarded with solution.
  3. Human factor
    1. Make sure that you are using latest version of the WordPress
    2. Make sure that our theme and all plugins installed, activated and up to date.
    3. Try to disable all plugins which are not required and not recommended for our theme. If this resolves the issue just activate deactivated plugins one by one to find out plugin which cause the problem.
    4. Change to the default WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme. If you are not experiencing the error then probably problem with the theme.
    5. If above mentioned not helping please contact to support considering below mentioned.
  • If you want to ask presale question please read this article.
  • If you have question regarding WordPress functionality and defaults please check this article.
  • If you have suggestion or idea regarding one of the our theme please read this article.
  • If you have an issue or found a bug or have a question which not covered by our documentation or instructions above please follow below steps.

Go to Support Portal

Search in support center – Try to find answer to your question in our articles and public tickets. Use different keywords and tags and you will be awarded with solution.

When Contacting Support

      1. Please be specific and measurable – Describe in details where and how you experiencing the issue. The more clear and brief is your question, the faster we can respond and react.
        1. Enumerate your questions – instead of writing one sentence with 3 issues, point them one by one as 1. Issue one 2. Issue two 3. Issue three
        2. Facts – provide facts, what problem exactly you have, what happens and in what cases.
        3. Screenshots – Provide screenshots. Sometimes whole sentences can be replaced with one single screenshot and comment or arrow on it. If you have more than one question please add screenshot to each point if it is possible.
        4. Application and hardware information – please provide your device model information, Operation System version, browser version: e.g. Mac, MacOS X v.0000, chrome 56.0.2924.87
      2. Link to your site – Please don’t forget to provide your site URL or in case of specific problems post url, page url, admin panel settings url and other
      3. Login details – Adding your WordPress and FTP credentials in ticket is an advantage. Sometimes solution is hidden in back-end or not clear at all. In these cases we can review issues right in your site. Usually it is WordPress login and password for administrator and FTP credentials. Rarely we can request cPanel access or credentials to other apps and sites which are relevant to your issue.
      4. WordPress language – Please change WordPress language to English if it is not set to English, that will help us to provide support much faster.
      5. Please Be kind – We thank you for your respectfulness, courtesy, consideration and patience.
      6. Please Don’t – Please don’t need to write about same issue in different tickets and send email us or write the same issue in comments on
      7. Support Language – We are providing support in English and Russian only. Requests and tickets which will be send on other languages will be closed without reply.
      8. Working hours – Support team works for you from Monday – Friday, 10:00 – 18:00 GMT +4 (Yerevan, Armenia)
      9. Response time – Usually it takes up to 24 hours to respond to the tickets, rarely this time can be vary depending from requests. Any way we are trying to keep the response time close to 12 hours, we appreciate your patience.

    You can convert your local time to our time here