Main Sections’ Fields

There are some fields, that are present in each section. These are: Section ID (required if you need to connect it with menu item) and Section Title fields (optional).

Create SectionID

  • SectionID  will become page URL part as an anchor link, so it’s important to always use Latin alphabet lowercase letters (no matter what language is used in your site) separated with the dash not underscore ( read more about correct permalink structure ).
  • SectionID field is required only if you want to connect it with the menu item, in case if you have section but don’t want to navigate to that section when clicking  on the menu , you can just leave SectionID field empty.
  • Use different SectionID  in case of having same section more than once. All SectionID‘s should be unique.
  • We are not created SectionID  automatically because your section URL should be meaningful.

Create Section Title

This Title will be visible on your website. If you want to skip the title – just leave the field empty.