Read about theme widget area, widget area customization and how to add widgets here.

Theme installation comes with some built-in WordPress widgets like recent posts, recent comments, archives, search, etc. and with custom widgets which are listed below.

Infolio: Personal Info Widget #

This widget will  show your profile image and some options. You can have a pretty motion effect if you add another one image in the Hover Image Field. 

You can choose to show or hide the indicator on your widget. Title (that could be the name) and Subtitle

Infolio: Instagram Widget #

Instagram Widget lets you show the chosen amount of recent posts in the widget area.

Infolio: Recent Posts Widget #

If you have Blog on your website – it’s a good idea to add the Recent Posts Widget

You can set the amount of posts you would like to be shown and the Widget Title.

The widget will always be updated with the recent posts.