Boombox Installation

Once you’ve downloaded the installation file on ThemeForest, extract it and locate a file called
You can install the theme by using one of two installation methods:

  1. WordPress upload – This is probably the simplest way for most users. Here are the steps you need to take:
    1. Login to WordPress admin
    2. Go to admin panel▸ Appearance ▸ Themes and click Add new button

    3. in opened page click on Upload Theme button

    4. Click on Choose File and select
    5. Click on Install Now
    6. Activate the theme from Appearance ▸ Themes clicking on Activate button

    7. After Boombox activation you will see a notification messages to install and activate required and recommended plugins. You can see full list of required and recommended plugins and here find more details about plugins installation.

    8. Install and activate required plugins and install recommended plugins depending from your needs.

  2. FTP upload – If you wish to install via FTP, here are the steps you need to take:
    1. Using FTP client, login to the server where your WordPress website is hosted
    2. Using FTP client, navigate to the /wp-content/themes/ directory under your WordPress website’s root directory
    3. Using FTP client, upload the Boombox directory to themes directory on remote server

We recommend in the same methods as described above to install the child theme.