Use of Filters

How to change "N years ago" in RTL version to "Ago N Years" #

Please activate boombox-child theme ( you can find it in the zip package downloaded from Envato ), and add following code to functions.php file within boombox-child theme:

 * Px-Lab Support
 * Edit post date format
 * @param string $date Current date
 * @param string $difference The time difference
 * @return string
function boombox_child_edit_post_date( $date, $difference ) {
    $date = 'AGO-IN-ARABIC ' . $difference;
    return $date;
add_filter( 'boombox_post_date', 'boombox_child_edit_post_date', 10, 2 );
 * -/end Px-Lab Support

Please note: do not forget to replace AGO-IN-ARABIC with the correct text in your language in the code above.