Single Post

Here you can control and manage global options for all Single Posts. There are 3 main sections which you can manage from WordPress Customizer => Single Post



Here you can control multiple options:

Sidebar Type: There are 5 layouts for Sidebar options

Sidebar Orientation: Can be Right or Left. In case if 2 sidebars in Sidebar Type selected then changing from right to left you will change sidebars vice-versa

Featured Media: On or Off

Hide Elements: You can control which elements show or hide in Single Post

Top Share Bar: On or Off

Sticky Share Bar: On or Off

Bottom Share Bar: On or Off

Share Bar Elements: mark checkbox to show

Sections: Click on eye icon to hide and use drag and drop to manage order for:

  • Reactions
  • Author Info
  • WP Comments
  • WP Navigation
  • Subscribe Form
  • “Related Posts” section
  • “More From” section
  • “Don’t Miss” section



Show “View Full Post” Button If: mark checkbox to apply changes for available options – Image ration is 1:3 and Post has content

Button Text: Fill text field

Post Navigation Direction: From Newest To Oldest / From Oldest To Newest

Next / Prev Buttons: On or Off

Floating Navbar: On or Off

Side Navigation: On or Off

Related Posts

Under this section you can control:

Related Posts – In this block you can show the latest posts with the same tags as for that specific post.
More From Posts
In this block you can show the latest posts from the categories of that specific post.
Don’t Miss Posts –
In this block you can show the latest posts for the last month.

For every Posts Block you can control:

  • How many Posts Per Page to show: Number value
  • Block Heading: Text field
  • Show or Hide elements: mark checkbox to hide element

Posts Strip

By default for Archive pages value set as Inherit. That means Boombox takes Posts Strips settings set in WordPress Customizer => Posts Strip. You can select custom to have different posts strip on Archive pages.

  • Why do I have 2 of the same images in a single post?


    In Boombox single post theme shows featured image inside post by default and in case if you are adding featured image and adding the same image in the content you will have two same images inside the post. For hiding second image from your single post go to Dashboard => Appearance => Customize => Single Post => Featured Media = Off

    Other option that you can leave that trigger on, and do not upload same image in content.