Since Boombox V2 the theme supports one of the most popular and most useful points management plugin specially for viral themes. myCred not included in Boombox as recommended plugin, so you need to install myCred from Dashboard => Plugins => Add New.

As described on myCRED codex page:

myCRED is a points management system built specifically for WordPress powered websites. It was built to contain everything one would need for using “points” on a website.

“Points” can mean a lot of different things, so the plugin was written to help you setup most common point related setups, ranging from simple point balances with manual adjustments to building your own store loyalty program. I put together a list of some of the most common ways myCRED can be used you can explore.

Besides myCRED main features and functionality we have extended the plugin possibilities with our Gamify plugin and with some theme built-in changes created couple new excited features.

myCRED have extremely easy to use and detailed documentation which we highly recommend to refer in case of any question regarding myCRED main functionality.

  • Just follow Installation guide in myCRED documentation
  • After installing plugin while myCRED Setup you will see a popup where you need to click Create Point Type.
  • Follow the steps in installation guide and when installation done you will see new menu in Dashboard => Points
  • Under the Dashboard => Points => Add-ons you need to activate Badges and Ranks add-ons.
  • We suggest you to read about Ranks and Badges
  • In Boombox myCRED integrated with BuddyPress. To fully use myCRED functionality go to Dashboard => Settings => BuddyPress => Components Tab and mark checkboxes for Achievements, Points History and Leaderboard and hit Save Settings
  • To give options users to collect points you need to setup hooks in proper way.
  • We have created Gamify Hooks which extending myCRED functionality, you can check the list of available hooks in Dashboard => Points => Hooks: You can read description under each hook.
    • Points for publishing post formats | Gamify
    • Points for publishing 1st post in formats | Gamify
    • Points for reaching views milestones on single post | Gamify
    • Points for post single view up | Gamify
    • Points for upvote / downvote | Gamify
    • Points for making featured post | Gamify
    • Points for making featured post on Front page | Gamify
    • Points for trending post | Gamify
    • Points for publishing in categories | Gamify
    • Points for publishing in time intervals | Gamify
    • Points for publishing 1st post in categories| Gamify
  • Another new feature is Leaderboard Gamify Widget: which you can add from Dashboard => Appearance => Widgets
  • As myCRED with Gamify integrated with BuddyPress we have created new tabs:
    • Leaderboard – where users can see all users with ratings (public to everyone)
    • Achievements – where users can see their achievements, points, badges etc.
    • Point History – where user can see history of earned points

BoomboxFEleaderboard BoomboxFEpointsHistory


  • How to add Leaderboard in Sidebar?

    Go to Dashboard => Appearance => Widgets => Leaderboard | Gamify and add to any sidebar where you want to show sidebar and set appropriate settings if needed.



  • How to Add Leaderboard in Page?

    Go to Dashboard => Pages add new page and paste [gfy_leaderboard] shortcode in editor.