GIF control

GIF control

We integrated CloudConvert converter service wich will allow you to improve your website performance if you using many GIf type files.

If you use this service, all uploaded GIF files will be converted to MP4, which will optimize your website speed.

Note: After uploading file in media library you will find the same file in two different file formats: origin GIF and converted MP4. While MP4 file will be exist in your storage, it will be shown instead of origin GIF.

Note: For Gif files created from Zombify plugin, these settings will not work, you will have to setup them in Zombify settings.

  • Disable Direct Gif Sharing

    select checkbox if you want to share page instead of gif

  • Animation Event

    choose one of 3 available animation types: click, hover and scroll

  • CloudConvert App Key

    create account on and from dashboard copy Your personal API key to the text field below.

  • Storage

    choose where you want to save your convert files: in your local WP database or in Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

  • Access Key Id

    insert your access key for Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

  • Secret Access Key

    insert your Secret Access Key for Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

  • Bucket Name

    enter name of your created bucket on Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

For detailed information about how to get Amazon S3 Cloud Storage keys please visit this page.