Specific Page Settings

Boombox theme allows you to create pages with different layouts. For that purpose you’ll need to use Boombox Page Advanced Fields metabox, which can be find in edit mode of each page. Go to Dashboard ▸ Pages ▸ Edit page and under the content section you will find Boombox Page Advanced Fields block which has the following tabs:

  • Main
  • Featured Area
  • Posts Listing
  • Title Area
  • Posts Strip


Here you can change Sidebar Type, Sidebar Orientation and set Primary sidebar for this specific page. Read more about Widgets and Sidebars.

Featured Area

Area Type can be Disabled or selected one from 13 options for this specific page

Posts Listing

Listing type can be Disabled or selected one from 10 options for this specific page

Title Area

Disable Title Area
Mark checkbox

3 available styles

Container Type
Boxed / Stretched

Background Color
Select with color picker

Gradient Color
Select with color picker

Gradient Direction
Top / Right / Bottom / Left

Background Image
Upload image in JPEG or PNG formats

ackground Image Size
Auto / Cover

Background Image Position
Center / Left / Right

Background Image Repeat
No Repeat / Repeat All / Repeat Horizontally / Repeat Vertically

Hide Filter
Mark checkbox

Posts Strip

Configuration can be None / Inherit / Custom

  • None: Posts Strip will be disabled on this specific page
  • Inherit: That means Boombox takes Posts Strips settings set in Customizing ▸ Header ▸ Posts Strip ( read more  )
  • Custom: Here you will be able to set independent options for Posts Strip for this specific page