Boombox V2 have more advanced mobile settings and features. To control Mobile settings go to WordPress Customizer => Mobile. You can Control Global options and Header Options.


  • Strip: On/Off
  • Footer Strip: On/Off
  • Featured Area: On/Off
  • Sidebar: On/Off

Please note: that when page cache enabled you may have the same layout settings selected for Home Page.


In header section you can control Composition of Mobile Header, add or remove Components, make mobile header Sticky, upload Mobile Logo, and set Background color and Text Color for Mobile Header.

  • Composition: Here users can select Mobile header styles, you can set components on Left and Right sides.
  • Components: You can drag from Unused Components and drop in L or R Components.
  • Sticky: Mobile header can be Classic, Smart and None when disabled
  • Mobile Logo: Upload Mobile logo in JPEG or PNG formats
  • Mobile Logo HD: Upload logo here for Mobile Retina displays
  • Background Color: Select with color picker
  • Text Color: Select with color picker