To change the Footer settings go to WordPress Customizer ▸ Footer

You will see 3 sections for controlling Footer.

  • General
  • Posts Strip
  • Color & Style



You can enable or disable 3 elements on Footer and change the Privacy Policy text.

  • Top Part
  • Bootom Part
  • Social Icons

Posts Strip

You can control Posts Strip in footer. Posts Strips work in same way as described in Header Posts Strips.

Color & Style

Customizing ▸ Footer ▸ Color & Style

  • Top Background Color
  • Top Primary Color
  • Top Primary Text Color
  • Top Heading Color
  • Top Text Color
  • Top Link Color
  • Bottom Background Color
  • Bootom Text Color
  • Bottom Text Hover Color
  • Pattern Position – Top Header / Bottom Header / None
  • Pattern Type – Rags

If you would like to add content in Footer you need to go to Dashboard ▸ Appearance ▸ Widgets

There are 3 locations for Footer content which are:

  • Footer Left
  • Footer Middle
  • Footer Right

You can add any of available widgets in Footer just make sure that it looks nice and clean. See below example of Footer created with:

  • Recent Comments Widget (Footer Left)
  • Boombox Social Widget (Footer Middle)
  • Text Widget (Footer Right)