In Boombox there are several Menu locations which admin can control and manage.

Header Menus

  • Top Header Menu
  • Bottom Header Menu
  • Profile Menu
  • Badges Menu
  • Featured Labels Menu


Footer Menu


More Button Menus

  • More Button Top Menu
  • More Button Badges menu
  • More Button Bottom Menu


Burger Menus

  • Burger Menu 1
  • Burger Menu 2
  • Burger Menu 3

There are 12 Menu locations where you can set menus. What you need to do is to Add new menu, add your preferable menu elements in menu and set menu locations.


Boombox Sidebar Navigation

Beside that locations, Boombox theme offer you one more location in sidebar. You can find more detailed information on how to setup that location here.

  • # How to add Log Out or other profile menu elements?

    By using BuddyPress plugin you can create log out and other profile menu elements.

    Go to WP admin ▸ Appearance ▸ Menus and create new menu and choose from BuddyPress section what pages to show in that menu.

    After that choose Profile Menu location and click Save menu button

    In case if you’ll not find BuddyPress section in available sections list, then you’ll need to go to WP admin ▸ Appearance ▸ Menus and click on the “Screen Options” button on  top right corner and make sure  that  BuddyPress is marked.

    As this feature comes from BuddyPress you can read more about the plugin here.

  • # Why I can’t see all menu items in left Menu Bar?

    You need to make sure that all the Menu items activated from Screen Options

    From Dashboard▸ Appearance▸ Menus click on the “Screen Options” button on  top right corner and make sure  all check-boxes are marked.


    In this way you can add icons or labels to Menu and have in Menu categories, posts, pages, reactions, ranking and other taxonomies.