Updating to Boombox V2

Before updating to Boombox Version 2 we strongly recommend to follow all steps below:

If you are not using Child theme with customized CSS styles and/or templates, please confidently skip this guide.

Boombox Version 2 includes major and biggest update ever. We have been working very hard to bring this new features, integration and options to you in more organized, optimized and flexible way. Despite, we did major code refactoring we have tried to keep the migration process as smooth as possible, however, to avoid issues and conflicts please follow below steps:

  • Create a backup of your site
  • Deactivate Boombox Child theme (If activated)
  • Activate Boombox parent theme
  • Update the Boombox to V2
  • After the update you need to activate the theme
  • Activate current plugins
  • Update current and install new plugins
  • Before activating child theme

    • Go to Dashboard => Appearance => Boombox Status and check the templates where changes were made. Some of the changes in child theme may require manual inspection.
    • If your custom CSS changes not working anymore inspect manually and check all the changes in custom code. The custom code added in your child theme may be applied in Boombox as core feature, so please try to find changes in documentation and check our changelog.
    • In Templates It could be really challenging and time-wasting investigate and compare all the cahnges, that’s why we recommend to remove overridden templates and try to apply changes to them again. You may notice that your template is no longer available or location in folders tree has been changed.
    • IMPORTANT! if you keep old templates in child theme you may see some white pages if WordPress won’t be able locate them.
    • Contact Us: Our developers may provide assistance with Boombox V2 migration if you have difficulties with migration, however, please note that our response can take up to 72 hours for migration requests. Meantime, we reserve the right do not guarantee that all requests will be considered.