Boombox Sidebar Navigation

In Boombox V2 we have added new widget which extends Sidebar features. Now in Sidebar you can add Boombox Sidebar Navigation.

Boombox Sidebar Navigation allow you:

  • Add Title to sidebar
  • Add Navigation Title
  • And select Menu from Menu list to show in Sidebar

BoomboxWidgetsSidebarNavigationBE BoomboxWidgetsSidebarNavigation

Moreover, if you have sub-menu in your selected Menu they will be shown if users will click on dropdown arrow which appears automatically.


If you think Top level menu should be opened in Menu since page loaded,  you need to use “active-menu” CSS class in “CSS Classes” in Menu.


You can add nice icons or labels in Menu as well and they will appear in Boombox Sidebar Navigation.


  • # Why I can’t see all menu items in left Menu Bar?

    You need to make sure that all the Menu items activated from Screen Options

    From Dashboard▸ Appearance▸ Menus click on the “Screen Options” button on  top right corner and make sure  all check-boxes are marked.


    In this way you can add icons or labels to Menu and have in Menu categories, posts, pages, reactions, ranking and other taxonomies.