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Boombox Sidebar Navigation

In Boombox V2 we have added new widget which extends Sidebar features. Now in Sidebar you can add Boombox Sidebar Navigation. Boombox Sidebar Navigation allow you: Add Title to sidebar Add Navigation Title And select Menu from Menu list to show in Sidebar Moreover, if you have sub-menu in your selected Menu they will be shown […]

Logo & Favicon

Custom Logo By default WordPress shows the site title in the Header area, you can change the font style from WordPress Customzier ▸ Design ▸ Logo Font Family or you can easily upload logo in JPEG or PNG formats. For that purpose, please go to WordPress Customizer ▸ Site Identity where we have site icon […]

Single Post

Here you can control and manage global options for all Single Posts. There are 4 main sections which you can manage from Customizing ▸ Single Post Main Related Posts Posts Strip Sponsored Articles


There are 2 ways for setting up and manage home page. By default when new WordPress installed under the Dashboard ▸ Settings ▸ Reading  Your homepage displays Your Latest Posts. That means that all your posts will be visible on your home page by default. In this case for managing home page you need to go […]


To change the Footer settings go to WordPress Customizer ▸ Footer You will see 3 sections for controlling Footer. General Posts Strip Color & Style General You can enable or disable 3 elements on Footer and change the Privacy Policy text. Top Part Bootom Part Social Icons Posts Strip You can control Posts Strip in […]


The Header is including the next positions: Top Layer Bottom Layer Featured Labels Badges ( read more▸ ) More Button Post Strip You can change Header components position, enable or disable header elements, change color and font and all that are very flexible and easy to use because of the well thought Customizer Options. For […]


You can control Boombox design from WordPress Customizer. Under design we added the general features and options which are visible to end users. You can control Boombox global fonts, font size for some elements, page wrapper type, background image, main, secondary and some elements colors and border radius. All above mentioned options you can change […]